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 Why Choose ?

The Dewar Stand-Alone De-Slime Unit..

 It Replaces

> Radial Feed Box

> Radial Sieve

> Screen Feed Lip

> Vibrating Screen

The Benifits 

The Dewar Stand-Alone De-Slime Unit..


> Drastic Reduction in Noise !

> Drastic Reduction in VIBRATION !

> Reduced Operating Costs - Unit requires NO Electrical !

> Reduced Maintenance - Less Wear - NO Motors, Springs or Mechanisms !

> Improved Performance - Proven by  Sample Analysis, (see results below)

> Lower Moisture, LESS Misplaced Material !

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  Circuit Feed Test Info

  Customer Test Info

  Certified Test Info

Dewar of Virginia, Inc. is proud to announce the introduction of a newly designed machine that replaces the radial feed box, radial sieve, screen feed lip and the vibrating screen in the
de-slime circuit of coal preparation plants.  This is all accomplished with absolutely (NO) moving parts such as mechanisms, motors, springs, etc. The safety aspect along with anticipated improved efficiencies is what drove Dewar of Virginia, Inc. to develop and build this machine. Our Dewar Stand-Alone De-Slime Unit was then put in operation at a preparation plant so all proper testing could be performed and hard data recorded for the end result.

All sample analysis, which were pulled and tested were performed by the preparation plant itself and, for Dewar, an independent laboratory pulled, analyzed and certified samples. The results proved to be "extremely impressive" to say the least. This particular plant has (4) de-slime circuits, #1, #2, #3 and our Stand-Alone Unit as #4. You may review the analysis data to see how much better #4 is performing versus the other (3) circuits.

 At the time our video on this machine was produced, April 14, 2010, it had been in continual operation for nearly (3) months, (watch video below),only idle during maintenance day, which on the average is (1) day per week. During this time, (NO) maintenance of any kind had to be performed, no screen panels had to be changed. The fact that Used screen panels were installed at time of installation is even more impressive. When standing near this unit in operation it is nice to hear only water and product going across the screen, no mechanical noise.

Please take time to read all the data and view our video at your convenience. Dewar of Virginia, Inc. feels certain you will be impressed with the efficiency and simplicity of this unit. Keep in mind that your personnel will not be subjected to the current safety hazards involved when working on machines with motors, mechanisms, springs, electrical components, etc.

If you are interested in going on site to see our machine in operation, please contact our office to schedule your trip. We certainly hope you will view and consider one of our machines for operation in your facility when your current machines need replaced or, you simply need to operate a deslime circuit more efficiently and more safely.

The Dewar Stand-Alone De-Slime Unit.. *Patent Pending*